How to become a master builder?

The thebrickblogger website have informed a few easy steps that we can reach to become a LEGO Master Builder. I know that this is my dream and that would be yours too. Please check the following infographic and check which steps you need to develop more.

Here is an interesting infographic about how to become a LEGO Master Model Builder, which has been created by the LEGOLAND Discovery Center in Chicago. The infographic gives various tips on how to develop your LEGO building skills to become technically and creatively gifted, so you can one day become a professional LEGO Master Model Builder at one of the LEGOLAND Discovery Centers. The infographic primarily targets children so they understand what it takes to become a LEGO Master Builder, but the tips would apply to adults just as well. :)

How to Become a LEGO Master Builder Infographic

In case you have a smaller screen and have a hard time reading the infographic you can click on the image above for a full-size PDF view, and I also copied the qualifications needed below for your convenience: “Want to build with LEGO bricks all day? Find out what you have in common with the Master Model Builders at LEGOLAND Discovery Center and how to train for one of the best jobs you can imagine!”

  • ORGANIZED – Do you store your bricks by size or color? Master Model Builders find it easier to become inspired and create when they can stay organized.
  • CREATIVE – Artistic builders tend to see and do things differently, pay attention to details and daydream.
  • PERSONABLE – There will be times you will demonstrate techniques to complete strangers. Staying comfortable enough to convey your message or instructions is important!
  • LEGO PASSION – Do what you love and spread it to others! It’s easy to keep up with LEGO facts and trends as an enthusiast.
  • MECHANICALLY INCLINED – Do you like to take things apart and put them back together? Builders tend to be interested in and patient with how things work.
  • TECH SAVVY – Some of your time will be spent on the computer using basic software or advanced programs.
  • TEAM PLAYER – Cooperating with fellow members is critical to reach goals – for yourself and as a team!
  • TEAM LEADER – Do you know when it’s time to step up? Don’t be afraid to take the lead!

The second part of the infographic gives some tips on how to develop the skills needed for a LEGO Master Builder. These are actually very practical for even those who don’t want to become a LEGO Master Builder but would like to improve their LEGO building and even social and leadership skills.

  • Keep your room or workspace organized by sorting toys and bricks into buckets. This will help you find bricks and build models faster!
  • Use LEGO bricks to create unique school projects.
  • Besides LEGO sets, you can help assemble anything else with instructions: toys, furniture, appliances, etc.
  • Time yourself building and beat it next time!
  • Practice public speaking by demonstrating something to your family or friends.
  • Join a club or sport to work with a team and reach goals together.
  • Practice advanced LEGO building skills such as SNOT and SNIR techniques, diagonal striping, curve building, and creating letters or nameplates.
  • Use 2D or 3D applications to help you create designs and plans on your computer.
  • Once you are 18+, you can enter a LEGOLAND Discovery Center Master Model Builder contest near you to compete for the job!

So what do you think? Have you considered working for LEGO as a designer? Do you think you would qualify? Is there something you still need to improve? Feel free to share and discuss in the comment section below! ;)

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