Go forth and conquer!

As many of you should know, I love Lego. Love the bricks, pieces and slopes, love the formats and shapes that they have, but most of all, I love the Brand and their products. Not only the physical products but the way they sell it. They sell knowledge, they sell imaginative stuff to all kind of people arround the world, and the best of all, they sell ideas to create your own world.

Based on those not so deep full thoughts, I am starting now to write this blog also in english, this will help me to bring more people from outside Brazil and to disclose my projects.

Today I’ve read an article from Oliver Emberton (Site) that shows three words of advice for the young and ambitious people. His words have really moved me, they touched me somehow that I cant explain. I’ve always tried a few job positions on Lego company, but now, I will get it. I dont know how yet, but I will. And this dream will come true based on three words. “Create”, “Big” and “Defy”.

I will “create” more things, more projects, more opportunities to show who I am. I will aim “Big”, I will try to achieve it. It is not impossible to get a Lego position, it is just not easy (Did you see that I’ve not said impossible?). And last but not least, “defy”. Defy the world, defy myself and others to realize my dreams. I am ready to do it, and you, what is your dream? are you ready to use this three words to change the world around you?

Come aboard! Let’s go forth and conquer!


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